Andrew Hoag

  Andrew’s art has been exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and exhibits across the continent including the Ontario Provincial Government’s permanent art collection. His subjects include wildlife, landscapes or people and are created using oils or graphite. Andrew’s studio and home is nestled in one of the beautiful valleys of the Bethany Hills area.

   Though a self taught artist, Andrew has done three years of college in graphic design and worked in the advertising field for another ten years as an art director, designer and illustrator. His time in graphic design has attributed to the ability to create clean, intriguing compositions using oils or graphite, though he will use watercolour and acrylic paints from time to time. Andrew’s art is now his full time occupation.

  Andrew's endeavours have not gone unnoticed with articles in numerous magazines, American and Canadian newspapers, TV interviews and an award winning TV documentary based on his art and life. His work has also been featured on Canadian postage stamps, The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Outdoors Card and used as the poster art for the Algonquin Museum art exhibit.

  Environmental preservation does not come lightly to this artist. Realizing the rewards nature has given Andrew, he says it is only fitting to do what he can to help protect the environment. That is why Andrew has donated numerous originals and countless giclee and lithographic prints to worthy Conservation organizations across the continent. In doing so, Andrew has helped generate thousands of dollars to conservation efforts each year. “The natural world has always been an important part of my life, from childhood to this very day. It only makes sense to contribute to such a worthy cause and to protect something that is so special to me, that being our planet.”

  Andrew's search for expressive art has taken him from the Rocky Mountains to the plains of Africa, but it is not nature that drives Andrew to go to such lengths for his art. It is the quest for experiences in life which will show themselves on paper, canvas or panel later in the studio. "I do not go to a destination to gather reference as much as to have an experience which will influence a new painting to unfold. Without experiences or emotional reactions, my creations would have no soul."


   Andrew's work can be found around the world including England, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada and the United States by both corporate and private collectors. Andrew, his wife Katherine and daughter Katlin, now reside on a 200 acre "Nature reserve" near Bethany, Ontario for its beautiful rolling hills and abundance of wildlife. Except for Mother’s Day Tour, Andrew’s studio is open by appointment. Cheques and credit cards are accepted


609 Lifford Rd

Bethany, On.

L0A 1A0

(705) 875-5009



Directions: From Bethany go north on Ski Hill Rd; then west on Lifford Rd, stay right at the fork in the road to 609 Lifford Rd.